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360 Design & Development Services for Mobile-First Health Platform

Devices Devices Devices


  • Design
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Frontend
  • Backend

Desktop Portal

3 different versions of the products were developed and shipped, and this included continual iteration.

  • 500+ Users Engaged
  • 03 Platforms

Mobile Design

iOS and Android Apps were developed along with a Web Solution; 3 different versions of the products were developed and shipped.

  • iOS + Android Development

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“One of my reasons for choosing DecemberLabs was that they didn’t hide behind project management.”

“I have a 20-year history in management and technical consulting, and I know what works and what doesn’t. At some point, with a live production system, there is a kind of rigor around changing and managing everything. As a startup, we needed a more flexible solution. They can manage both changes and our enormous scope, which needs to be done urgently. We’ve achieved good transparency through the tools we use, but everything ultimately came down to the individuals on the team being completely forthcoming.

We have daily standups and weekly demos. I’m able to understand exactly where everyone on the team is by investing half an hour of my time per day. My contact from DecemberLabs proposes improvements on a weekly basis. These are non-transactional inputs that I’d expect from full-time internal staff.”

Prashanth Donepudi Co-founder, sinQ

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